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This is flat out the best system I have ever worked with! It offers countless automated features for staff, agents & clients alike. The support staff is quick, helpful and very friendly. There is not one negative thing about this system, it makes our job so much easier and I am thankful for that! Try it out, you won't look back!

Trin, Office Staff

"Our son was playing in a Bloomer Football playoff game on Saturday and we received a call that an agent wanted to setup 2 showings in BookAShowing. Unfortunately, we did not have BAS setup to send a text to the seller's cell phone at that time...if it had been the agent would not have even needed to call!"

"We looked the showings up via the BAS mobile website on the cell phone and they were for the next day. So we then looked up our sellers contact info that is also on the BAS mobile website (a feature not even available in our MLS mobile site)."

Showing #1
"Sellers also had a son playing in the football game and were there but we were not sure where to find them so we called one of the cell numbers that we had entered in BAS. The sellers knew that we were also at the game and could not believe we were setting this all up right there. They gave the ok and we approved it on the BAS mobile site."

Showing #2
"These sellers were at home so we looked up their info and called them and setup up their showing also. Gave the approval on BAS and went back to watching the game."

"Without BAS mobile it could have easily taken 30 minutes to drive back to the office and get these setup and then drive back to the game. We never missed a bit of the playoff game and our sellers were extremely happy to have plenty of advanced notice. We will let you know if they get an offer!"

"We have another playoff game this Saturday which will be an away game and feel much more at ease knowing that we can set it all up without going back to our office."

"Thank you and keep up the great work!"

Mike and Brenda

"Thanks to you, Casey and the BAS staff for your excellent service. BAS is one of the best benefits our board offers - you make our job easier."

Michelle, REALTOR®

"I can't believe how much my purchasers and sellers love your product. Your product not only makes my job easier, the purchaser and seller are always receiving feedback and information. Thank you!"

Angie Ridley, 2009 President Flint Area Association of REALTORS®, 2009 President Elect Michigan Chapter Women's Council of REALTORS®

"I was so hesitant to embrace the Bookashowing program, but after attending your training session I realized how much easier "real estate life" was going to be (and has been) using your wonderful program!! Thanks for helping to make our career more efficient and organized!!"


"I have used BookAShowing.com from day one. This program is a great asset to our industry. It is a time saver for everyone from the agent to the brokers support staff and the client/customer. All my clients are very excited and pleased with the option of being able to view showing feedback anytime with a click of the mouse. From the start the program it was VERY functional and as time went on, as myself and other agents made suggestions that added features to the program, BAS implemented them and implemented them quickly. The history of showings from my listings to my showings of other agent listings is in itself a great tool. This is a great program and will aid any firm small or large, the many hours saved with this program will free up time so everyone can be more productive."


"I have found BookAShowing.com very helpful for scheduling showings and I especially appreciate the feedback it provides. I think that may be one of its biggest benefits. The online feedback helps the seller understand how their house is being received, if there are issues that they could address that would result in a sale (REALTORS® should like that!) and an idea about how their house stands among the other houses for sale in that particular market. Without BookAShowing.com, this sort of information is often not available to the seller. I think it is also helpful to be able to learn of showing requests through email and to then be able to approve/deny them, with comments. Not relying on being reached by telephone was helpful in my position.

I think BookAShowing.com is an innovative and great way to help the seller to feel more comfortable about what is going on with the process of selling their home, which is often a stressful and emotional thing. It facilitates communication between the seller and their REALTOR®."

Tali - Client

"BookAShowing.com has truly made real estate faster, more efficient and is the best tool I have seen in years for agents and office staff. The ability to set up showings in a matter of minutes instead of making numerous phone calls is wonderful! Clients are extremely happy with the service as well. With those clients that want to be able to approve their showings via email, this is great!! It has also cut office phone calls in half, if not more, a true value to the business! BookAShowing.com has done an outstanding job with this software and their response time to questions is excellent! Every real estate company should be using this if they are not already."

Stacey - REALTOR®

I wanted you to know that I love your program, as do many of the agents in our office, I am always finding another "reason" to make it great for the agents. We cheer every time a "reluctant" agent from another office uses the program for the first time!!! Thank you for making such an awesome program - every (MLS) board in the country should sign up for it for their REALTORS®.

Joanie - Office Staff

As a broker I was very resistant to add bookashowing to our services. I thought it would take away the personal touch with our clients. Book a showing has been a wonderful addition! As agents we know when properties are being shown, can print up feedback reports for the clients files and it has allowed us to man the phone lines for potential clients not just to book showings. Thank you!

Laurie - Broker/Agent

BookAShowing.com is one of the best things to hit the Real Estate office. It saves us time and lots of paper. It is available to those in the office or outside of the office. Good-bye to our old showing cards - which were either in an agent's office or misfiled in the cardbox. Any agent who has not tried using BAS is missing out. The connection between sellers and agents is cemented by this program.

Ruth Ann - Office Staff

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